Can you believe it’s already the time of year to start thinking about Christmas parties? Yes, we’re the type of people to grumble when we see festive selection boxes stacked up in supermarkets during September, but it’s actually time to get your party sorted.
If you weren’t aware already, (we’ll let you off if you didn’t) Christmas party dates get booked up well in advance so that people can prepare the perfect one without having to worry during December. All the gift and grocery shopping alongside planning a Christmas party? No thank you, that’s just too much stress for one month, don’t you think? So don’t do the last minute dash to get a party for people perfectly organised because you might not get what you want in such short notice.
Before you think about anywhere else other than Dive NQ to host your Christmas party, let us tell you why you should give us a ring and book ASAP.
1. We have a unique Christmas menu that will leave the taste buds wanting more
If you’re going to have a classic roast at your family’s house, it’s nice to have something a little different for an event with colleagues or friends. Instead of the typical turkey, we have more options than you can shake a candy cane at. If you don’t want a huge meal and would prefer to party into the early hours, our 3 choice festive party bites at £6 per person will definitely fit the bill. If you want to fully dig in with a meal, we have a two-course option for just £15 per person. You can’t really beat that now, can you?
2. You can host your event away from the crowd with our exclusive hire option.
Our snug has the impressive capacity of 40 people sitting, a reception for 45 and a full party for 60. The lazy boy leather sofas are cosy and the private bar along with the festive decorations create the perfect ambience for your party. If you’re planning a big bash, you can hire our full 650 sq/m venue from Sunday-Wednesday (smaller sections can be organised 7 days a week) and fully take over the place. Not only will you have the whole venue to yourselves, but we can help you organise DJs, reception cocktails, decorations and more. What on earth are you waiting for, really?
Dive xmas 1
3. We can help you organise a Christmas networking event.
If there is a time of year that people want to go out, it’s Christmas. Escaping the cold weather for a booze and food-filled event is the perfect way to get warm while getting to know some new contacts. Whether you’re an agency, events company or have a particular community or group, we can help you get together and organise a festive party that your guests won’t forget.
4. Our Christmas themed cocktail menu is so good, you’ll want to try them all.
Here at Dive NQ, we make cocktails differently. With a cheeky selection from £7 including our tongue-in-cheek “Amaretho-ho-ho-ho”, the mixture of flavours will get you in the festive mood. Whether you like something smooth, sweet or with a hint of spice, you have 5 special Christmas-crafted cocktail choices (along with our famous Dive NQ cocktail menu) that will fill you with festive cheer.
5. Are you a fan of party games? We have classic Beer Pong and the brand-new Prosecco Pong
To get the party truly started, our Beer pong is favourite amongst many of our customers, which is why we decided to launch Prosecco pong. So whether you have an office Christmas party or one with your friends, having a go at this game will quickly break the ice and descend into lots of laughter, especially for the ones that end up being a bit rubbish (believe us, you will get better over time).  Both games are available for booking now at Dive NQ and we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted a to also book a test run so your skills are perfected just in time for Christmas.

See? We told you we’d be the best place to host a Christmas party. Do you have anything else on your mind that you’d love to have at an event? Just pick up the phone and call us on 0161 826 3080 or drop us a quick email on

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