Who doesn’t love Easter? You get time off work and you can do what you want. Unfortunately, not all of us will be making sound decisions during the welcomed break. Let’s face it, we no longer have parents around telling us what to do, so all maturity will go out the window. Here are 10 things that will *probably* happen during your Easter weekend, explained with GIFs.
1. You get upset that your parents haven’t bought you an Easter egg. 

You know what? We don’t care that we’re in our mid-twenties. We demand the biggest, most extravagant egg going. Easter bank holiday is a time for parents to show us they love us by providing us with endless amounts of chocolate, ok??! Pardon? Did any of us get them an egg? Ermmm.. About that…
2. You realise you’re far too old for that anyway. 

Yes, metabolism isn’t the best anymore for most of us and the fat around your hips are beginning to look questionable. Perhaps it’s time to start eating more rocket salad instead of Mars Bars Easter eggs.
3. In the afternoon, you end up taking a trip to Tescos to treat yourself. 

Ok so now it’s time to get to the supermarket and buy yourself some well needed some rocket, some chicken and salad dressing. But wait a minute… They have two aisles for Easter only… Perhaps they have a healthy option. Does Terry’s chocolate orange count? Vitamin C?
4. You see the best, most magnificent chocolate eggs, but they’re way too expensive.

Even though we’d easily spend £7 and more on drinks down at our favourite bar, buying an egg that price just doesn’t seem right when we’re buying it for ourselves. That is some upper-class level of price, right there. Time to walk away from the huge golden egg.
5. But you do end up buying a £1 dairy milk one. 

What is the absolute minimum amount you can spend on an Easter egg? £1? We’re pretty sure those dairy milk ones are for children under seven years old. Perhaps you’ll get one as a snack. If it’s much smaller, it doesn’t really count…
6. Eventually, you get home and put on Netflix. 

Once you’ve dragged your questionable flabby hips back home, it’s time to sit down with a cup of tea, pop on Netflix or Planet Earth and cry at the baby turtles like the respectable adult you truly are.
7. You throw caution to the wind and decide to binge on chocolate. 

Once you get rid of that tin foil packaging, you know it’s downhill from there. It was staring right at you… All the way from the kitchen.
8. You begin to question whether you really are an adult. 

When you look back a couple of years ago, you believed people in their mid-twenties would be sophisticated and grown-up. When in reality, you’re the same but you don’t have anyone stopping your chocolate habits. You’ll soon begin to question whether you’re an adult.
9. You end up having major regrets and guilt. 

You promised yourself you’d eat that salad and over the course of your Easter break, the rocket has gone all soggy and now you don’t have anything else to eat.. Other than the last bit of Easter egg…
10. You start to feel tired and eventually fall asleep.

Who knew eating rubbish all weekend could be so tiring? You’re like a large, over-fed bear preparing for hibernation. Going, going, gone.
How are you spending your Easter bank holiday? Let us know by tweeting us @DiveNQ

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