Even though the reign of the Gin is meant to continue throughout 2018, we thought it would be rude not to show some well-deserved love to the almighty Rum. Whether you want a simple mixer or a tropical themed cocktail, Rum is tasty and transforms any drink from boring into brilliant which is why we’ve created a post dedicated to this spirit. Here are 7 reasons why you need Rum in your life.

1. It’s Gluten Free

Many people roll their eyes at “Gluten Free” folks because it’s still seen as being fussy but in actual fact, many people still have trouble with wheat and grain, meaning many spirits including Whiskey are out of the picture. Now, isn’t that awful? But there is good news: Rum doesn’t contain any grain, so everyone is welcome to have a taste or two… three… four?

2. It comes in a wide variety

You could compare rum to people because each one is unique and has something special about it. Rum has many varieties, so you can always find one to suit your taste or cocktail preference. These include White/clear, Gold/pale, Dark, Black, Navy.. You get the picture. There are many types. Just in case you’re wondering which popular type to go for, here are some tips on flavour:
White/Clear: Mild, lighter flavour and great for cocktails such as the Mojito, Cuba Libre, Pina Colada and many more.
Gold/Pale: Mellow and a medium flavour which can have hints of caramel, citrus, vanilla and other smooth notes. This type of rum can be found in tropical cocktails.
Dark: Due to the aging process, this type of rum is darker in colour and bolder in flavour. This type of rum can be found in cocktails such as the Dark and Stormy, Mai Tai, Zombie and others that pack a little bit of a punch.

3. You can mix it with just about anything

If there was a spirit that was the equivalent of someone at a party that gets on with everyone, it’s Rum. Many cocktail masters have actually swapped cocktail ingredients for rum to create a new, unique taste. Due to the varieties of rum, you can find any mixer to combine it with to create an incredible drink. Whether the base is lemonade, soda, coke, ginger beer or anything else, give some rum a try and we promise you’ll like it.

4. It can be sweet or savory.

Many of us prefer cheese over some chocolate and it can be the same for rum, which again means you could probably find your dream match if you wanted to. If you love sweet flavours, opting for a vanilla rum is a good idea for you. But if you prefer something savory, then a spiced rum could be right up your alley.

5. It’s the world’s oldest spirit

Rum is dated back to 1620, yep that’s right. If you want to put that into perspective, that’s the time King Charles 1 of England reigned and wearing massive white Tudor style collars was still in fashion (believe it or not). The first distillation of rum was in the Carribean and it was the first spirit to be created to allow people to erm… Have a good time. Back then, many liquids to drink were used as medicines, so rum was the start of the spirit industry.

6. The creators of Rum are very hush hush.

If you like a drink with a bit of mystery, then Rum is the way forward. Distillers have top-secret ingredients, making the flavour combinations interesting. For example, Bacardi rum is so secretive, that the recipe has been passed down through the family since 1814. It’s safe to say they won’t be writing it in any old diary.

Fancy trying some Rum at Dive? Well, you’re in luck because we have A LOT of it, not to mention a brand new cocktail menu here that dons some very delicious Rum cocktails. Our Happy Hour is 5-8pm during weekdays, so why not book a booth for some drinks and a meal here to help you get through the week?
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