Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few days (we’re jealous), you have probably taken a look outside at what the great British weather has unleashed. It seems almost out of nowhere that heavy rain, hail and snow has come crashing down on us like a curse against nice shoes and umbrellas. When this happens, everyone goes into a complete frenzy and there is no way that you want to step outside.
If you get hungry, instead of rading the cupboards for an old cup of soup, you can order Dive NQ food straight from Deliveroo or Uber Eats. That means you can wrap it up in your blanket and wear as many layers of socks as you could possibly want. Sounds incredible, right? I mean, a day full of netflix AND burgers AND wings AND anything else sounds like a good deal.
While you’re enjoying yourself, why not have a look at the 7 other things you could be doing while keeping away from the cold.

1. Watch endless TV

If the weather is horrendous, you can’t go outside anyway. No one can tell you you’re not allowed to watch Homes Under The Hammer. This is your day.

2. Have a hot bubble bath

Sit back and relax. Take your mind off your daily stress and forget about all the rain and snow that’s going on outside.

3. Eat….Lots and lots

What’s winter without keeping warm with a little more body fat. No one is going to see a food baby under a huge jumper. Express youself… By eating lots of food. It’s what your gran would have wanted you to do. Get that Dive NQ takeaway.

4. Give yourself an at home spa day

Take ALL the time in the world you need to get yourself looking incredible. Hello hydrated skin. Hello new confidence. The world better be ready for your face.

5. Read that book you’ve wanted to read

We’re just kidding… You’ll spend all of your time on Youtube/Imgur/Reddit/Any social media platform.

6. Contemplate life

I mean, go wild. What is the meaning of life? Are there aliens?!

7. Take a trip down memory lane

Find all the crazy stuff you used to watch as a kid and binge watch them on YouTube. Extra points if you don’t get scared during “Are you afraid of the dark?”

Still in the mood for a takeaway? Check out what you can order on Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

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