Whether you love it or hate it, Tequila has a distinctive flavour that adds a punch to cocktails and mixers, which is why it has become one of the most popular liquors on the market. There’s no doubt that this famous drink has a few facts. Hey, they might even persuade you to start off the weekend with the shot or a refreshing cocktail. Don’t feel guilty.. It’s science, after all.
1. Tequila is made from the Blue Agave plant.
The Blue Agave plant originates from regions of Southwestern USA, Mexico some varieties are grown in the tropical areas of South America. Just tell people you’re visiting there to do *research*.
2. Blue Agave plants grow large before cut and made into Tequila.
The plants are known as succulents, similar looking to aloe vera (if you were to supersize them, that is) growing for seven to fourteen years before the agave juice is extracted and then made into Tequila. How many years do you think it’ll take for hipsters to try and get some to make their rooms look pretty?
3. Tequila is a liquor that will never go out of fashion. 
Every year, the best tequilas in the world are rated. Last year (2016), some of the top perros on the list were Don Julio, Ocho, Tapatio, Patron and Herradura, which we serve at Dive NQ on its own, mixed or as a boilermaker. A boilermaker is a shot of tequila and an alcoholic drink straight afterwards which is a recipe for a good night.
4. The Pina (or heart) is where to find the agave juice.
They have a very similar pattern to the outside of a pineapple but they are completely different. The pina of the agave plant is absolutely massive and can weigh between 5-14 stone, which can be more than some people weigh in their entire lives.. So it’s safe to say you can get a fair bit of juice from it.

5. It’s perfect for Vegans.
Instead of honey, Vegans can use Agave syrup as an alternative. Sweet in taste and with a slightly runnier consistency than honey, it’s perfect to spread on toast or add to an iced tea during the summer. Get onto Pinterest and have a look at some recipe ideas if you’d like this animal-friendly option.
6. Tequila became popular in the 1950s.
Thanks to legendary singer Bing Crosby who adored Herradura Tequila. He enjoyed the taste so much that he persuaded this friend and fellow actor Phil Harris to try and get it to the United States. Luckily, they ended up successfully importing it into their country and Herradura ended up being the very first 100% blue agave liquor available to buy and drink in the USA. Cheers, Bing.
7. If you’re really classy (don’t kid yourself, though), you can drink tequila from a special glass.
Similar to wine, whisky and other liquor enthusiasts, Tequila is poured into a glass that helps them smell the blue agave. Instead of taking a shot, some people prefer to take their time to enjoy the sweet flavours. We see the point of this, but we think on a Friday night, tequila makes a great shot followed by a Mexican beer to gets things started. We don’t mess around, thank you very much.
dan-hawk-277846 copy
8. It’s great if there is a sudden apocalypse.
Have you ever feared the end of the world? If you have, then a bottle of tequila needs to be your trusty companion for when everything goes downhill. Unopened, it can last for years and even if it’s opened, the taste will still be unaffected for a month or two. So when you’re hiding away from the zombies in a bunker, you take a shot and almost feel like there’s not a worry in the world. Forget the tins of soup.
9. It’s great after a huge pizza.
If you’ve slightly overindulged (haven’t we all?) and your stomach isn’t feeling the best, a shot of tequila could be the answer. Thankfully, tequila can help break down some dietary fat in your system, which then can lower your levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Even better? A clean shot as a dessert can help your digestion, which is perfect if you’ve had a bit too much to eat.
10. They look like Aloe Vera or Cactus, but they are far from it. 
Funnily enough, Tequila actually belongs to the lily family, so don’t be fooled by the appearance of its long leaves grown in humid environments
Why not visit Dive NQ and choose from a variety of 11 tequilas as a boilermaker with a bottle of Corona?

It’s time to treat your old man!

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show your old man or father figure (whether that’s a grandparent or stepdad) how much he means to you, so make sure you don’t forget! To celebrate this event, we have 55% off all food all week from midday to 10pm, so you can bring him down to Dive NQ for a meal. Since we’re now in a proper sentimental mood, we’ve also decided to list some of our favourite Father Figures from TV and Film. Read them below and see if you agree with us.
Since we’re now in a proper sentimental mood, we’ve also decided to list some of our favourite Father Figures from TV and Film. Read them below and see if you agree with us.
Yondu – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (spoiler alert)

You know when you have someone right in front of your face that cares about you, but the relationship is so hot and cold that you just don’t see it? That’s the story of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 and Vol.2. We all think Yondu is a bit of bad guy until we discover he’s been trying to protect Peter from evil the whole time, only for him to sacrifice himself for the greater good in the end. *Sobs*
Mrs Doubtfire aka Daniel Hillard

Many of us will have a Dad who’s had some questionable fashion choices, but Mrs Doubtfire definitely gets the gold medal. Nothing says “I love my kids” like putting on tights, a skirt and dressing up as a nanny in order to get past restrictions that keep you from seeing them. No one can doubt he goes the extra mile and he learns how to be the best Dad he can actually be… Dawww.
Sully and Mike – Monsters Inc

What makes Sully and Mike so great? Well, their whole careers are based around scaring children to generate power for their city but it all changes, when human toddler Boo, escapes into their monster world. Sully and Mike have a love/hate relationship, but they pull it together and show their soft side, which is like a lot of parents out there. They end up risking everything to get Boo back to safety, even though it’s against every rule in the book, so that’s why we think they’re both two of the best Father figures out there.
Michael Scott – The Office (US)

He’s the king of Dad-jokes, believes he’s the coolest guy around, yet everyone rolls their eyes at him. But one person who loved him from the start is Dwight Schrute, who wanted to impress him so badly, he’s like a child trying to show his Dad all the good things he’s done at school. Towards the end of his run on the show, everyone feels the same. In the series finale, Michael Scott turns up to Dwight’s wedding to be the best man, which is emotional and ends the series poetically.
Sandy Cohen – The OC

Who doesn’t absolutely love Sandy? He’s the Dad we all want. He’s a lawyer that surfs and is famous for his sound advice to the characters. He takes rebellious kid Ryan under his wing and helps him secure a good future for himself. Sandy is the kind of guy that wants to do good in the world and sees everyone as equal, plus he’s just a big ball of love. He’s a bit cheesy, but that makes us love him even more, to be honest. He’s just a good guy.
Sonny – Big Daddy

This is a true underdog story. Sonny is an everyday guy who wants to laze around, runs from responsibility and doesn’t really aspire to be anything big. He’s just happy watching TV in his apartment(we can all relate, right?). But when he discovers that his friend who is currently in China has a son who needs to be taken care of. What does he do? Well, he takes care of him and teaches him all sorts… *coughs* Sonny ends up maturing and we see a softer, caring side that ends up improving his life overall.
Do you have a favourite family figure from TV/Film? Tweet us @DiveNQ and let us know!


As a treat Dive NQ have decided to offer 55% off food: available EVERYDAY throughout June. Let’s just call it a summer treat.
Not only that, the discount is available across the entire main food menu; from boneless bites to Texan beef skewers and BBQ bacon balls.
With mix and match mini sliders for less than a fiver, Southern fried chicken for less than a tenner and even our (full-sized) burger for less than £5, it’s the perfect solution for starved stomachs 
Dive in.

Last week we launched our designated driver campaign in support the Greater Manchester Police’s annual Christmas campaign. All designated drivers who take a trip to our venue throughout December over the festive period can get free soft drinks all evening.
We care deeply about the safety of our customers and we want to do all we can to make sure they get home safely.
Operations Manager Adam Shepherd says “ We are keen to show our support to this campaign, whilst we like to encourage people to enjoy themselves over the festive period, we need to hold some responsibility for the safety of our customers. If more people were to follow suit then we would be well on our way to a safer city.”
Since the campaign went live we’ve had coverage in the M.E.N and been mentioned on Key 103 and Heart North West.
The drink driving pandemic has been a well documented one in the Greater Manchester area as being a serious problem. According to official police records, children as young as 12 have been caught drink driving in the region. Figures published last year by Greater Manchester Police show that 464 arrests were made during December 2015.
The Greater Manchester police’s seasonal campaign ‘None For The Road’  has encouraged drivers to avoid having even one drink before getting behind the wheel.

Everything may have got lost in the mist of the Christmas madness so we’d just like to remind you that WE TURN ONE… Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year since our shutters opened back in November 2015 and we’d love to invite you down to our first birthday bash on Friday 25th November from 5pm.
We’ll be hosting an American themed birthday bash, with free fizz for the first 50 people to walk through our doors. On the night there will be games, music and drinks to get the party started. Closing at 5am, it’s going to be hell of a night.
To run alongside our first birthday week and Thanksgiving we’ll be giving 100 burgers away on Thursday 24th November. You must sign up for this event and show your voucher on arrival at 12pm at our Oldham street entrance. First come, first serve, so you better be quick to claim your freebie burger!
CTRL Live will be back on the night with a stellar line-up of bands including October Drift, Larkins and Plastic House to make a memorable evening.
There has definitely been lots of highlights throughout the year after opening our doors at the beginning of the festive period in 2015,  we were voted as the No.1 sporting venue in Manchester by Sky Sports and Carling and we have also played host to huge guest DJ’s such as The Libertines very own Gary Powell, The Blossoms and Alt J.
Holly Geraghty, Sales and Marketing Manager at the venue says, ‘Its has been an action packed 12 months for us; the Northern Quarter is a really exciting place to be. We are really proud of what we have created here and with huge plans for the next 12 months already in the pipeline, we are gearing up for an extremely busy festive period and second year.’ 
‘We wanted to make Dive NQ the ‘one stop shop’ for live sports, casual dining, chilled mid-week drinks and dancing until the early hours at the weekend. We have managed to succeed in doing this, providing a little something for everyone and in turn creating our own crowd. As one of the biggest venues in the Northern Quarter we feel like we are able to cater for all of these different needs.’

Dive’s first Halloween party 2016
Happy Halloween everyone!
Our Day of the Dead special weekender marked our first Halloween at Dive and it’s safe to say, we did it in style. Kicking off with a monster party on Friday 28th featuring spooktacular makeovers, stilt walkers, fire breathers and a surprise flash mob from Salford University Dance Society as well as some seriously special cocktails and themed shots, it was a night full of treats right through until 5am for all who attend…no tricks involved!
The Salford University Dance Society flashmob was filmed on the night please click to view the full performance right here.
Saturday the 29th was one of our biggest nights on record with the venue seeing a record number of party goers through the door. Our resident DJ played a mash-up of songs including some Halloween classics to keep the dancefloor filled and we stretched out the celebrations for an extra hour as we turned the clocks back.
On the big day itself, we partnered up with high street Game to host a Halloween themed gaming night. It was the last day to grab our special Halloween drinks. What a way to end Halloween weekend…
Love from Dive x

We’ve got some very exciting news to share with everyone…
A few weeks back we were selected by Sky Sports as the number one venue in Manchester to watch all of the live sports. Showing the football, boxing, tennis, olympics, grand national & much more.. We literally show everything!
Alongside Carling, the Official Beer and Cider of the Premier League, Sky launched a brand new football show called ‘Carling In off The Bar’ which was a sideshow to their main Friday night football programme.
Their first ever show was broadcast right here at Dive NQ on Friday 19th August to celebrate the first homecoming fixture of the season; Manchester United vs Southampton. Soccer AM presenters Adam Smith & Laura Woods took centre stage & broadcast live from our basement venue at 10:45pm.
Ex premier league football players Trevor Sinclair & Alan Smith came down on the night to show their support for the new show. Trevor even pulled a sneaky pint of carling from behind our bar….
SKY: Behind the scenes at the filming of the Carling In Off the Bar programme, at Dive NQ, Manchester, August 19 2016.
As part of this exciting new partnership, we were the first venue to be fitted out with the latest 65 inch, ultra HD television screens so our customers can watch all the live sporting action in high definition…

Managing partner for the brand, Vincent Braine says, “It is a real honour and achievement for us to be chosen by Sky Sports as the first gold tier venue to watch the football in the UK. Dive NQ have changed the way sport is being delivered to our customers, offering a premium viewing experience coupled with high quality food and drinks.”
You can view the official press release HERE.

If you’re reading this then you’ve made it… to our brand spanking new website! We officially launched the venue last year in late November and it’s been non-stop from the word GO.
After opening we literally threw ourselves into Christmas. It was pretty messy! Baubles & tinsel everywhere… We’ve spent the rest of year building club night brands and perfecting our offers & deals to keep you guys happy 🙂
A new website has been on the cards since we opened but as a small in-house team it’s taken a little longer than expected, after all we are a team of perfectionists.
But ta da… here it is. What do you think? We’ve got plenty of offers to see you through the week. With our 55% off all food on Mondays to our happy hour deals everyday from 5pm till 8pm and our £5 lunch deal including burger & fries, NY club, nicoise salad, chilli beef tacos & ¼ chicken… What more could you want!?
If you haven’t been to see us before, we also open until 5am every weekend. Dance the night away and go home when the sun comes up. We’re the only place in the Northern Quarter to stay open so late!