Manchester is the ‘daddy’ of the nightclub scene. Founder of the ‘superclub’, breeding ground for the latest new band and a live music heritage to shout loud and proud about. But we already knew that. What we were intrigued to hear was why the big pull to Manchester for those wanting to party, celebrate and just have a weekend away with mates.
We asked our friends at Freedom stag and hen party planners since 1996, why they felt that Manchester was consistently a top choice for their customers.

Mike Wood, MD, told us:

“We’ve been sending party goers to Manchester for over 20 years and this awesome city doesn’t disappoint. A banging nightlife is a huge draw. The clubs in Manchester are amongst the best and always innovative, and the reviews we receive are always so complimentary. Manchester has the best nightclubs, fact.
So many of our customers want to combine some interesting, fun and challenging activities to the mix. Play hard and party hard. We found the big hitters for Manchester are Military Guns, Retro School Sports Day and oh errrm.. nude life drawing. Variety is a key word when it comes to parties in Manchester.
Shopping for the ladies is the best out of London and there’s world-class football for the lads. With the magnificent Peak District on its doorstep, Manchester offers a plethora of outdoor activities. It’s easy to get to. You’re never far from the next pint of Boddingtons. Coronation Street rocks. Style in abundance. Energetic atmosphere… this list really does go on and on.”
Click here for Manchester Hen Nights
Click here for Manchester Stag Weekends

The World Cup in Russia is just around the corner, and we’re happy to announce we’ll be screening all matches. We love sports and we think the experience watching them should be second to none, which is why we will be holding lots of offers throughout the World Cup timeline.
We have created a sports menu, perfect to enjoy with a group of friends on a table or booth. If you want to book, we’d suggest doing it in advance so you don’t miss out. Book here or enquiry here about what offers we can do on the dates/matches of your choice.
Not only are we renowned nightclub and bar, but we are also a sports bar that has screens all around the venue, so you’ll never be able to miss any of the action. We also have an area called The Snug which is a sectioned off private area with a massive screen for you and your party to enjoy. It’s absolutely perfect during mega matches if you have a birthday, celebration or a corporate event. Sit back on our huge leather chairs and relax at the private bar, too. What more could you want?!
We hope you join us for the matches! We just wonder who will grab the trophy…

Easter is almost here and it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate a holiday that brings you back to your childhood. Who didn’t enjoy Easter egg hunts and eating their own weight in chocolate? It’s a shame we can’t get away with all of that as adults, eh? We are only joking! You can eat loads of chocolate and drink cocktails without your mum having a go at you. You are your own adult now, and with adulthood comes bad decisions based on a huge amount of calories. Just blame it on the holiday, because that’s what we’ll be doing!
If you’re in the mood to get out and celebrate this feast-themed holiday, you should make Dive NQ your one and only stop for Easter. Not only are we great for food and drink, but we’ll be bringing some extra goodies for you and friends to enjoy AND we’re open til 5am on Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday!

free chocolate cocktail insta4


Our Easter Offers:

Free “Death by Chocolate” Martini on Easter Sunday when you buy a main meal and a side.
On Sunday night, we’ll be having a party til 5am. Expect to hear amazing tracks all night long!

Happy Hour during Friday night
Open til 5am on Good Friday, Saturday & Easter Sunday
 Free entry before 12am on all 3 nights

Make sure you book a table or booth before everything is fully booked! To book with us, click here and get in touch!

Sisters, friends and all women unite! Here at Dive NQ, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with offers that you and your gal pals couldn’t possibly miss. We think celebrating this day is massively important in remembering the importance of it. It’s the one day where we reflect on the positive effect women have to culture and communities, plus the struggle they’ve had to endure to earn their rights all over the world.
If you are planning on taking part in an organised event or fancy getting together with fellow females, we have a great offer in Dive NQ to help you celebrate the day, regardless of what you end up doing! Below are the offers we have for the day:
£15 for a bottle of prosecco, ideal for you and friends to share over dinner.
£10 for a bottle of wine, which is great for friends who prefer a white, red or rose over something fizzy.
2 for 1 cocktails, so you can try some classics or our own Dive NQ creations; it’s up to you!
Why not pop down for lunch or in the evening? We also have a fantastic menu, full of tasty dishes such as big mains or sharers for you and friends. If you would like to book a table, fill out the booking form here and we’ll look forward to seeing you on International Women’s Day

Since it’s Mother’s Day soon and if you haven’t thought about it, perhaps you should figure out a way to show her how much you appreciate her. After all, mums are great. They deal with tantrums, teenage hangovers, cooking full Sunday roasts every week and decades years of their life worrying about us. Mums are just ace, aren’t they?
If you are struggling to organise the perfect day out to treat her, look no further. Here at Dive NQ we are hosting a Mother’s day Bites and Booze. We think a meal is better than a small bottle of prosecco, don’t you? Here, she can have a lovely meal with you and enjoy sipping prosecco.
Here is all the info you’ll need to know:

  • Date: Sunday 11th March
  • From 12pm (lunch) til 6pm
  • 2 hours of bottomless booze with a bite of their choice
  • Mums drink for FREE!
  • Prebooking is required here or call us on 0161 826 3080.

Now here’s for the fun part….
How well do you know your mum? We thought it would be fun to match up classic mum personalities to famous TV cartoon characters. Take the quiz and tell your mum which classic character she’s most like!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few days (we’re jealous), you have probably taken a look outside at what the great British weather has unleashed. It seems almost out of nowhere that heavy rain, hail and snow has come crashing down on us like a curse against nice shoes and umbrellas. When this happens, everyone goes into a complete frenzy and there is no way that you want to step outside.
If you get hungry, instead of rading the cupboards for an old cup of soup, you can order Dive NQ food straight from Deliveroo or Uber Eats. That means you can wrap it up in your blanket and wear as many layers of socks as you could possibly want. Sounds incredible, right? I mean, a day full of netflix AND burgers AND wings AND anything else sounds like a good deal.
While you’re enjoying yourself, why not have a look at the 7 other things you could be doing while keeping away from the cold.

1. Watch endless TV

If the weather is horrendous, you can’t go outside anyway. No one can tell you you’re not allowed to watch Homes Under The Hammer. This is your day.

2. Have a hot bubble bath

Sit back and relax. Take your mind off your daily stress and forget about all the rain and snow that’s going on outside.

3. Eat….Lots and lots

What’s winter without keeping warm with a little more body fat. No one is going to see a food baby under a huge jumper. Express youself… By eating lots of food. It’s what your gran would have wanted you to do. Get that Dive NQ takeaway.

4. Give yourself an at home spa day

Take ALL the time in the world you need to get yourself looking incredible. Hello hydrated skin. Hello new confidence. The world better be ready for your face.

5. Read that book you’ve wanted to read

We’re just kidding… You’ll spend all of your time on Youtube/Imgur/Reddit/Any social media platform.

6. Contemplate life

I mean, go wild. What is the meaning of life? Are there aliens?!

7. Take a trip down memory lane

Find all the crazy stuff you used to watch as a kid and binge watch them on YouTube. Extra points if you don’t get scared during “Are you afraid of the dark?”

Still in the mood for a takeaway? Check out what you can order on Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

dive takeaway menu 2018We’ve decided to launch a takeaway menu with incredible prices, so you can enjoy our top menu picks for less. Instead of going for a boring, dry sandwich, why not head down and pick up a classic burger? Below is a link to our menu, so find out what you could treat yourself to!

View our takeaway menu

Here at Dive NQ, we love to show TV programmes in our snug that is perfect for any private event. We thought we’d celebrate one of our favourite shows, which is obviously Friends. Sure, that gang loved coffee but we love cocktails and we wonder what the characters would have chosen as their favourites if Central Perk remained a bar back in the day. Read below which cocktails we believe the Friends characters would have chosen if they rocked up at Dive NQ.

Chandler Bing – Blueberry Cheesecake

How can we forget the time chandler stole of cheesecake off an innocent old lady in season 7? Chandler is a character that likes to appear all macho, but he loves a cocktail that is fruity and fun. That’s why we think our Blueberry Cheesecake is ideal for someone like him.
Ingredients: Vanilla Absolut vodka, Frangelico liqueur, lemon juice, two teaspoons of blueberry jam layered with cream & a sprinkle of chocolate powder

Rachel Green – Supreme Green

If anyone were to have the Supreme Green, it’s Rachel. Since she’s worked at the coffee shop, we can imagine her cocktail being a little bit on the milky side, but with the twist. Our Supreme Green is like the classic mint choc chip ice cream. It’s chocolately but refreshing. We can imagine her having a few of these to calm her down after a fight with Ross…
Ingredients: Silver Old J rum, Crème de Cacao, milk, fresh mint leaves,
& a dash of chocolate bitters finished with a sprinkle of chocolate and mint sprig

Monica Geller – Chai Choc Frappe

Monica was once someone who just couldn’t stop eating chocolate, but can we blame her? Sure, she may have her eating habits in order but as a chef, she still has a taste for the sweeter things in life. Our Chai Choc Frappe would be perfect for Monica it’s fun and out of the ordinary, just how she’d like a cocktail!
Ingredients: Kraken rum, Crème de Cacao, chai syrup, half & half & a dash of Aztec chocolate bitters dusted with cinnamon

Joey Tribbiani – Mezcarita

If you know Joey, you’ll know how much he loves food. In particular, he loves Pizzas, Meatball Subs and anything with peppers and tomatoes. This is why we think he’d go for a cocktail that is slightly savoury to reflect his diet and something that’s a little on the spicy side. Mezcarita is a delicious yet daring drink, so he’d be sure to impress the ladies with this choice.
Ingredients: Mezcal, Cointreau, lime juice, agave syrup, a daring dash of Tabasco, completed with a black pepper rim

Phoebe Buffay – Pink Negroni

Don’t be fooled by the flowery, feminine appearance of this cocktail because it packs a punch, just like Phoebe. Campari has flavours of flowers and herbs, and sloe gin is made from a plant, so this cocktail is like some sort of concoction we can imagine her brewing up at Monica’s. The orange twist and the flower reflect how sweet and colourful she is.
Ingredients: Campari liqueur, Rose Belsazar vermouth, sloe gin finished with an orange twist & an edible flower

Ross Geller – Margarita

Ross is a little on the crazy side and likes to let loose every once in the while. Sure, he’d love to be the type of guy who likes an Old Fashioned but in reality, he’d prefer something a simple, but little on the tangy side. That’s why we think a Margarita is perfect for Ross. It’s refreshing, fruity but has a good dose of tequila in there for good measure… But we hope this time he doesn’t end up talking about love and crying.
Ingredients: Olmeca tequila and lime juice completed with Cointreau

Fancying finding your new favourite cocktail? Why not pop down to Dive NQ. We’re open til 5am on the weekends and our Happy Hour runs from Sunday til Friday 5pm til Midnight. What on earth are you waiting for?!

Last year here at Dive, we introduced Bites & Booze. All you’d have to do on Fridays (with pre-booking) is buy a bite plate and get a choice of unlimited beer or prosecco. If this wasn’t amazing enough, we’ve decided to include your bite in the overall price. We aren’t kidding. Below is everything you will need to know about the new and improved Bites and Booze:
For £20
Unlimited prosecco for 2 hours
plus a bite plate of your choice!
For £15
Unlimited beer for 2 hours
plus a bite plate of your choice!
View the menu below, and if you’d like to book give us a call on 0161 826 3080 or drop us an email on

Bites and booze 2018 fb header

Our favourite hour(s) is definitely Happy Hour because really, what the hell isn’t there to like? You’ve got the best selection of cocktails with a 2 for 1 deal, plus deals for beer, prosecco and spirits that don’t break the bank. Better yet, the Happy Hour deal runs from Sunday to Friday from 5 til 12am.. That’s 7 hours!
Recently, we decided to give our cocktail menu a revamp alongside our brand new menu. We thought some of the classics were missing, so we’ve added the best ones to the menu as well as the Happy Hour cocktail list with some originals. Fancy knowing what you could get? Read more below.

happy hour drinks collage

Happy Hour Cocktail List

1. Mojito:
Havana white rum, fresh mint leaves, lime juice & sugar topped with soda water

2. Margarita:
Olmeca tequila and lime juice completed with Cointreau

3. Cosmopolitan:
Fresh lime juice, cranberry juice, Cointreau, completed with Absolut vodka

4. Caipirinha:
Fresh lime wedges, crushed brown sugar & Cachaça

5. Roo Juice:
Bacardi, Framboise, Chambord raspberry liqueur, lime juice, syrup over ice with fresh mint leaves & completed with fresh raspberries, cranberries & a mint sprig

5. Some Lychee It Hot:
Chilli vodka, lychee syrup, Peche liqueur, half of a cheeky chilli, topped with clear apple juice

Happy Hour Drink Deals

£2.50 pint of Coors

£15 bottle of Prosecco

£10 bottle of wine

£2.50 single house spirit and mixer

For more info about Happy Hour drink deals or other deals we have here at Dive NQ, contact us here