Christmas is a time of year that can bring out the absolute best in people… and for others? Not so much, if they just think Christmas is a bit of a waste of time. I mean, all that food, alcohol and parties? It’s a hard life, right? While you’re in work over the festive period, it’ll be easy to spot some of these classic Christmas colleagues. Do you even know which one you are, too?

The Foodie

As soon as the Christmas season arrives, this person will be bringing in all types of sweet tweets that will make everyone gradually put weight on. Sure, you’ll absolutely love it but not so much when your trousers don’t fit. We wouldn’t be surprised if this person brings in baked goods they’ve made the night before and they just love feeding everyone like a mother hen.

The Scrooge

This person is only happy about Christmas when they have an alcoholic beverage in their hands. Otherwise, they think Christmas is just a waste of time and money. They would prefer for everything to just run as normal and for the shops not to be so damn busy. Get this person someone useful for their Secret Santa gift or you’ll be sorry.

The “Oliver”

This person is so skint, they’ll constantly be asking for more food and drinks because let’s face it, they can barely afford a coffee at the moment. They’re either an intern or just damn terrible with money because they either get some money to survive on from the bank of Mum and Dad or they’ll be living off Baked Beans.

The Flirt

When this person has a little too much to drink, they flirt with absolutely everybody. They might actually not have any intentions at all, but some people might get the wrong end of the stick. They’ll probably go back to normal in the office and will have forgotten all about their flirtatious ways once the alcohol has worn off.

The Santa

Who plays Christmas songs on repeat? That’s right, it’s the Santa of the group. Whether you like it or not, jolly music and festive puns will be coming your way. It’s highly likely that this person will be the one to organise Secret Santa and loves nothing more than getting involved with every single Christmas related activity you can possibly think of.

The Drowsy one

Lack of sun and good weather can turn this person into a bit of a sloth. They hate the rain, so they are the type to want to avoid the cold at all costs. At work, they seem a little sleepier than usual and find it harder to concentrate. It doesn’t help when The Foodie makes everyone hot chocolate and brings in tasty treats.

The Team Player

This person is usually the one that keeps themselves to themselves throughout the year. They love to get involved but hate it when they are the centre of attention. Their Secret Santa gift to someone will be great but not over the top and their Christmas party outfit is stylish yet appropriate. Get to know this person more at your Christmas party because you might have a lot more in common with them.

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