They say you should never compete with your friends and you know what? We completely agree however all rules will be left at the Dive NQ door when you’re booked in for a Beer Pong session. If you want to be the champion of all champions and you wouldn’t mind being smug for the entire night, carry on reading.

Prepare your stomach

Drinking on an empty stomach can dramatically decrease your Beer pong performance, so it’s better to eat before you get ready for battle. We suggest having a feast on our new Christmas menu, so you can concentrate on winning and not on your stomach grumbles. Once you’ve had a good meal, you’ll find it easier to focus and most importantly, win.

Choose your team-mate wisely

We all love that friend that drinks like a fish but when it comes to sports or any teamwork, it’s probably better to go with someone who can stand up without falling over like Bambi on ice, let alone get a ball in a cup. If you have a friend who is a careful sleigh driver or they love to be precise at everything, they’ll be the right person for your team. Trust us.

Wake yourself up

If you’re going for a meal and then playing Beer pong after work during the winter season, you’ll be like the rest of us: absolutely knackered. This is why it’s important (yes, it’s important) to bring out jager-bombs or one of our incredibly tasty Christmas cocktails to lift your festive spirits… Pun intended. Once you’re raring to go, you can get your game face on and begin the beer pong battle!

Follow our ABCs of Beer Pong

A- Aim. It might be obvious but you’d be surprised how many people just throw the ball and hope for the best. Instead, pick a particular cup and aim very carefully. Yes, it’ll take you a couple of goes but practice makes perfect.
B- Bounce. If you manage to bounce the ball and get it in your opponent’s cup, they’ll lose two cups. That’s what we’re talking about. It’s the equivalent of putting two balls in snooker and yes, it feels so good to win in such a flawless way.
C- Calm. Don’t go crazy and let the nerves (or alcohol) get to you. Be calm and collected when you absolutely destroy the other team with your amazingness. It’s also good to note that the more nervous you are, the more wobbly you’ll be. What happens when you’re wobbling about? A bad Beer pong fail, that’s what.

Are you planning on a Festive night out with your friends and Beer Pong sounds like the perfect way to shake it up and make your night different? Drop us an email on or give us a quick call on 0161 826 3080 to get your Christmas party going. We can also run through our current deals with you and get everything planned so you can concentrate on enjoying the night (and Beer pong) with friends.

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