Easter is almost here and it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate a holiday that brings you back to your childhood. Who didn’t enjoy Easter egg hunts and eating their own weight in chocolate? It’s a shame we can’t get away with all of that as adults, eh? We are only joking! You can eat loads of chocolate and drink cocktails without your mum having a go at you. You are your own adult now, and with adulthood comes bad decisions based on a huge amount of calories. Just blame it on the holiday, because that’s what we’ll be doing!
If you’re in the mood to get out and celebrate this feast-themed holiday, you should make Dive NQ your one and only stop for Easter. Not only are we great for food and drink, but we’ll be bringing some extra goodies for you and friends to enjoy AND we’re open til 5am on Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday!

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Our Easter Offers:

Free “Death by Chocolate” Martini on Easter Sunday when you buy a main meal and a side.
On Sunday night, we’ll be having a party til 5am. Expect to hear amazing tracks all night long!

Happy Hour during Friday night
Open til 5am on Good Friday, Saturday & Easter Sunday
 Free entry before 12am on all 3 nights

Make sure you book a table or booth before everything is fully booked! To book with us, click here and get in touch!

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