It’s time to treat your old man!

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show your old man or father figure (whether that’s a grandparent or stepdad) how much he means to you, so make sure you don’t forget! To celebrate this event, we have 55% off all food all week from midday to 10pm, so you can bring him down to Dive NQ for a meal. Since we’re now in a proper sentimental mood, we’ve also decided to list some of our favourite Father Figures from TV and Film. Read them below and see if you agree with us.
Since we’re now in a proper sentimental mood, we’ve also decided to list some of our favourite Father Figures from TV and Film. Read them below and see if you agree with us.
Yondu – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (spoiler alert)

You know when you have someone right in front of your face that cares about you, but the relationship is so hot and cold that you just don’t see it? That’s the story of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 and Vol.2. We all think Yondu is a bit of bad guy until we discover he’s been trying to protect Peter from evil the whole time, only for him to sacrifice himself for the greater good in the end. *Sobs*
Mrs Doubtfire aka Daniel Hillard

Many of us will have a Dad who’s had some questionable fashion choices, but Mrs Doubtfire definitely gets the gold medal. Nothing says “I love my kids” like putting on tights, a skirt and dressing up as a nanny in order to get past restrictions that keep you from seeing them. No one can doubt he goes the extra mile and he learns how to be the best Dad he can actually be… Dawww.
Sully and Mike – Monsters Inc

What makes Sully and Mike so great? Well, their whole careers are based around scaring children to generate power for their city but it all changes, when human toddler Boo, escapes into their monster world. Sully and Mike have a love/hate relationship, but they pull it together and show their soft side, which is like a lot of parents out there. They end up risking everything to get Boo back to safety, even though it’s against every rule in the book, so that’s why we think they’re both two of the best Father figures out there.
Michael Scott – The Office (US)

He’s the king of Dad-jokes, believes he’s the coolest guy around, yet everyone rolls their eyes at him. But one person who loved him from the start is Dwight Schrute, who wanted to impress him so badly, he’s like a child trying to show his Dad all the good things he’s done at school. Towards the end of his run on the show, everyone feels the same. In the series finale, Michael Scott turns up to Dwight’s wedding to be the best man, which is emotional and ends the series poetically.
Sandy Cohen – The OC

Who doesn’t absolutely love Sandy? He’s the Dad we all want. He’s a lawyer that surfs and is famous for his sound advice to the characters. He takes rebellious kid Ryan under his wing and helps him secure a good future for himself. Sandy is the kind of guy that wants to do good in the world and sees everyone as equal, plus he’s just a big ball of love. He’s a bit cheesy, but that makes us love him even more, to be honest. He’s just a good guy.
Sonny – Big Daddy

This is a true underdog story. Sonny is an everyday guy who wants to laze around, runs from responsibility and doesn’t really aspire to be anything big. He’s just happy watching TV in his apartment(we can all relate, right?). But when he discovers that his friend who is currently in China has a son who needs to be taken care of. What does he do? Well, he takes care of him and teaches him all sorts… *coughs* Sonny ends up maturing and we see a softer, caring side that ends up improving his life overall.
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