Here at Dive NQ, we love to show TV programmes in our snug that is perfect for any private event. We thought we’d celebrate one of our favourite shows, which is obviously Friends. Sure, that gang loved coffee but we love cocktails and we wonder what the characters would have chosen as their favourites if Central Perk remained a bar back in the day. Read below which cocktails we believe the Friends characters would have chosen if they rocked up at Dive NQ.

Chandler Bing – Blueberry Cheesecake

How can we forget the time chandler stole of cheesecake off an innocent old lady in season 7? Chandler is a character that likes to appear all macho, but he loves a cocktail that is fruity and fun. That’s why we think our Blueberry Cheesecake is ideal for someone like him.
Ingredients: Vanilla Absolut vodka, Frangelico liqueur, lemon juice, two teaspoons of blueberry jam layered with cream & a sprinkle of chocolate powder

Rachel Green – Supreme Green

If anyone were to have the Supreme Green, it’s Rachel. Since she’s worked at the coffee shop, we can imagine her cocktail being a little bit on the milky side, but with the twist. Our Supreme Green is like the classic mint choc chip ice cream. It’s chocolately but refreshing. We can imagine her having a few of these to calm her down after a fight with Ross…
Ingredients: Silver Old J rum, Crème de Cacao, milk, fresh mint leaves,
& a dash of chocolate bitters finished with a sprinkle of chocolate and mint sprig

Monica Geller – Chai Choc Frappe

Monica was once someone who just couldn’t stop eating chocolate, but can we blame her? Sure, she may have her eating habits in order but as a chef, she still has a taste for the sweeter things in life. Our Chai Choc Frappe would be perfect for Monica it’s fun and out of the ordinary, just how she’d like a cocktail!
Ingredients: Kraken rum, Crème de Cacao, chai syrup, half & half & a dash of Aztec chocolate bitters dusted with cinnamon

Joey Tribbiani – Mezcarita

If you know Joey, you’ll know how much he loves food. In particular, he loves Pizzas, Meatball Subs and anything with peppers and tomatoes. This is why we think he’d go for a cocktail that is slightly savoury to reflect his diet and something that’s a little on the spicy side. Mezcarita is a delicious yet daring drink, so he’d be sure to impress the ladies with this choice.
Ingredients: Mezcal, Cointreau, lime juice, agave syrup, a daring dash of Tabasco, completed with a black pepper rim

Phoebe Buffay – Pink Negroni

Don’t be fooled by the flowery, feminine appearance of this cocktail because it packs a punch, just like Phoebe. Campari has flavours of flowers and herbs, and sloe gin is made from a plant, so this cocktail is like some sort of concoction we can imagine her brewing up at Monica’s. The orange twist and the flower reflect how sweet and colourful she is.
Ingredients: Campari liqueur, Rose Belsazar vermouth, sloe gin finished with an orange twist & an edible flower

Ross Geller – Margarita

Ross is a little on the crazy side and likes to let loose every once in the while. Sure, he’d love to be the type of guy who likes an Old Fashioned but in reality, he’d prefer something a simple, but little on the tangy side. That’s why we think a Margarita is perfect for Ross. It’s refreshing, fruity but has a good dose of tequila in there for good measure… But we hope this time he doesn’t end up talking about love and crying.
Ingredients: Olmeca tequila and lime juice completed with Cointreau

Fancying finding your new favourite cocktail? Why not pop down to Dive NQ. We’re open til 5am on the weekends and our Happy Hour runs from Sunday til Friday 5pm til Midnight. What on earth are you waiting for?!

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