ZUMU X Dive Delivery Now Available

First off, Dive NQ wants to thank those who have already come down and shown their support so far in this uncertain time. Be that as it may, they are remaining positive as ever and are aiming to keep the momentum going from the fantastic last few months which have been some of the best yet since opening.

Dive NQ are keeping their business open and are keen to keep the Northern Quarter thriving and so they will be remaining open as well as offering take away orders for the foreseeable future. On top of this, they will be offering 20% off all takeaway food & drink until further notice so you can enjoy delicious ZUMU x DIVE Japanese street food from the comfort of your home.

In addition, You can also expect some handy deals and packages aimed to feed the whole household at the click of just one button. Get stuck into 4 small plates for just £20 with gyoza galore, chicken wings, crispy chicken karaage and bao buns up for grabs. There is also a sushi offer which allows you to choose 20 pieces for just £20.

On top of that, they are putting a selection of drinks on delivery partners such as Just Eat so you don’t have to sit at home in quarantine without a drink in your hand. From Prosecco to wines, beers and spirit mixers Dive has everything to keep your isolation well lubricated and well fed with delicious grub brought straight to your door.

Keep your chin up and remember that Dive NQ is here to make any self isolation as comfortable as possible.